My kid uses task manager/application manager app to kill Funamo. How can I prevent him/her from doing it?

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I'm all about doing what we can to protect our children, but in addition to all the things we can do, there is always the rod of correction to consider...

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Parenting is hard these days...

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If the task manager is an app that was installed by your kid, you can either uninstall it or put it in the protected app list. If the task manager comes with the phone, you can disable it as follows:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Click either Apps or Application manager
  • Select the All tab so you can see the preinstalled apps
  • Click the task manager app and click Disable or Turn off button

After it is disabled or turned off, user can no longer open it. Please make sure that you do NOT enable the Allow settings option under Funamo->Account settings (or add Settings to the protected app list if it is not blocked by default), because with access to Settings, your kid will be able to re-enable the app.

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