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I need to be able to disable Funamo (temporarily) through remote console. Currently you can only disable Funamo through the mobile app (which means you have to type password). It's much easier for me to disable/enable Funamo in the remote console through a computer browser (which case I can simply paste the password and without the danger to store the password locally on the phone).

Please allow a disable/enable Funamo option in the remote console; if not possible, please add profiles support so that I can set and choose a less restrictive profiles remotely (e.g. one profile for restriction and another profile for administrator. ) Thanks.

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I will forward this request to our product team for further evaluation. But the issue with this feature is that once you disable Funamo, the protection is off, which means that the user has full control of the device. He/she can disable Funamo or even remove it all together. So when you want to enable it again remotely, there is no guarantee that it would work. So the key is that once the protection is off, the whole protection cycle is considered compromised. So that's why we only allow it on the device so it is done while under parent's supervision.

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