What are the differences between Easy-Setup mode and Advanced mode?

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Easy-Setup mode is recommended in general. It uses Funamo Safe Browser to avoid setting up proxies at the system level and it is more secure as well. Funamo Safe Browser is based on Chrome browser and therefore it provides exactly the same features as Chrome but with the safe browsing features hardened. After Funamo Safe Browser is working on your device, please enable "Block other browsers" under Account settings to automatically block all other browsers except for Funamo Safe Browser.

If you would like to use browsers other than Funamo Safe Browser, you have to use the Advanced mode and manually setup network proxies at the system level. Please note that the setup for system proxies differs based on the device models, Android versions and carriers. Some devices may not support manual proxy setting. Detailed instructions for both modes can be found at Funamo Parental Control for Android instructions.

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