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I have the Nexus 6P running Marshmallow 6.0.1.  One of the newer features that can be activated is Multi-Window.  I would like to allow the use of the settings section of the phone but still maintain blocking in Multi-Window mode.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Marshmallow 6.0.1 does not support multi-window. It is hidden in the official releases. There are hacks to enable it by rooting the device and change some system setting files. But that's not supported by Funamo. In general, we do not recommend that the device be rooted because it gives user authorities to change system. 

That said, Funamo app blocking works for multi-window case. Android's next release N (currently in preview stage) will officially support multi-window and we have tested it. The app blocking works fine for Android N.

Unfortunately, it doesn't quite block it.  I have Android N (Nutella) on another device and it is unblocked as well, to a point.  Each window can be scrolled through and once clicked it will close it.  However, once you go back into multi-window it will have moved past the point you selected and continue to scroll through.  Thus allowing the view of blocked programs.  Are there any updates to this coming out?  Can you duplicate the same issue?

written 19 months ago by Austen Schram  

It is possible that the current version does not work perfectly with Android N because Android N is not released yet. We will continue to refine our product using Android N preview and we should have a perfectly working version by the time N is officially released. Please keep in mind that Android N is also changing from now to the time it is released.

written 19 months ago by Funamo Support  
Alright, thank you for that. In the meantime, I still have the issue with multi-window on my current phone with Marshmallow. I have always rooted my phones and have been able to block all rooted programs that could alter or manipulate Funamo or the internal code and still keep it secured and accountable. Frankly, your app is the ONLY program that truly works and still allows restricted boundaries on the phone. I will never stop raving on how perfect this app really is. I have referred more people than I count to use Funimo as well. I'm just in agony that I cannot find a solution to this one feature. I am just not proficient enough in coding to remove or block this one thing. I am getting desperate here and I'm flat out begging for help. Is there truly nothing that can be done?
written 19 months ago by Austen Schram  
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I am checking with our engineering team to see if there is any work around for this unofficial feature of Marshmallow. I will keep you posted. I am creating a separate answer just to be clear that this is simply a workaround (if any), not an officially supported feature.

Thank you so much! Any help would be amazing! I understand that it's not normally supported. I just can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your help on this.
written 18 months ago by Austen Schram  
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