When I try to deactivate Funamo as device admin, the screen is locked and now it asks for password to access the device. What's the password?

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This is a security feature that we introduced in Funamo 2.0. It is called "Protect Device Admin" which can be turned on/off under Account settings. It is designed to prevent user from deactivating Funamo Device Admin while Funamo protection is on. The password to get back to your device is funamo1234. Once you login, you can change the screen lock password or set it to none in the Settings app.

The correct way to deactivate Funamo as device admin is login your Funamo app and click Stop Funamo to stop Funamo protection first. Then go to Account settings and uncheck Enable Device Admin.

I've done that it is unchecked but it still asks for it. Any suggestions?

written 2.3 years ago by Keith Sugimura 
From my personal experience with this when I changed phones, I had to re-enable Funimo as Device Admin in the phone settings first. Then uncheck Protect Device Admin through the Funimo app. After that I rebooted the phone and changed the device password through the phone settings. My changes seemed to stick after that. I hope this helps.
written 2.3 years ago by Austen Schram 
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@Keith, funamo1234 is just a screen lock passcode. It will keep asking you if you don't change it. You should change it back to what you had before in Settings app after you login. 


I activated the "Protect Device Admin" feature on my phone but when I tested to see if it works it locked my phone and now I am unable to unlock/access my phone. I keep typing 1234 and it's not working. Is there a way that I can change the password on my computer browser or to gain access to my phone somehow?


Also, I logged in online to change the password and username of the user. Could this have caused the issue?

written 22 months ago by Given Masilela 
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