funamo browser does not block non english words

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I'm using funamo browser over  android 4.4.4, when i search for a blocked non english word for example: niño (kids) it doesn't block the search results. Although you can't access the site, the results are still displayed in the search engine window. Also you can also see the images results. Funamo should block these words because they're blacklisted.

Another thing that I noticed is that I can't change funamo browser search engine to use another one more kids friendly.



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Thank for reporting this issue. I was able to reproduce it and our engineering team is working on an update for it. I will keep you posted when the update is pushed out.

written 2.1 years ago by Funamo Support  

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The update to fix this issue has been pushed to Google Play. The new version is 3.2.13. Please update your Funamo app and start the protection to test it again. Please report back if you still see any problems.

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