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I would like to allow my child x number of hours to use the mobile phone device per day.  I thought by checking both "app daily time allowance" and "allowance applies to all apps" and setting the weekday allowance limit to x:00 hours, I could accomplish that, however she has definitely surpassed the limit today.

Please advise.

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"Apply to all apps" is a bit misleading in my view. It actually means "apply to all apps that you selected for daily allowance". You still need to select the apps that you want to be under the daily allowance constraint. For example, if you want to allow Youtube and Facebook app total for 1 hour, you would select both Youtube app and Facebook app, and then set 1 hour allowance and enable apply to all.

In your case, if you want to block all apps, I guess that you need to select all apps. Hope it helps.

Thanks, Jean! Good answer.

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That is VERY misleading, I got the exactly same problem. I checked the "App daily time allowance" checkbox and selected some apps, that should worked as expected. Why the "Apply to all apps" should ever be there if it is not apply to ALL !!!

written 2.2 years ago by Hunter Gu 

The option is there in case you want to give each app you selected its own time allowance. For example, if you select three apps and give 10 mins allowance without "Apply to all", each app will have 10mins allowance and cannot be played more than 10mins each. Instead, if you set allowance to 30mins and enable "Apply to all", the 30mins allowance is for three apps combined, which means that you can actually play one app for up to 30mins instead of 10mins. Hope it is clear now.

written 2.2 years ago by Funamo Support 
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