I know many people who are interested in controlling their kid's devices.

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My son has a galaxy S5. Any suggestions on the best parental control out there?

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We have been using Funamo for our two sons for more than a year now. It is a great app. It has an internet filter that blocks adult content which is a must-have for us. It is the best filter out of more than 10 apps we tried. You can also control apps by setting limits and allowance to make sure that they are not playing games or watching youtube all day. I can review their call and text history, what web sites they visited, their location history etc. online.

If your main concern is controlling apps, I think screen time gives you more controls. But what Funamo has is good enough for us and we really like their internet filter.

Here are their websites




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My daughter is 9 years old and we use Kids place app which is a launcher specially designed for kids.


If your kids are older, like teenagers,  this app might be too limited.

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