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The YouTube version 11.19.56 (Android version 6) has no safesearch under the general menu setting. I also checked the other YouTube menu options and it is not there. I disabled "other browsers" and internet search via Funamo browser does the filtering but when searching via YouTube adult content gets found and can be played in it.

Can you please advise if this is the new version of YouTube or I am missing some steps in configuring it? 

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Use youtube kids, block normal youtube.

Thanks, Roy! Very good suggestion. Google released Youtube kids last year and it can be a good alternative to the general Youtube app if the user is a kid.

written 2.1 years ago by Funamo Support  
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Each version of Youtube app has slightly different Settings menu. I just checked the latest version and the setting is now under General and it is called Restricted Mode. Please enable it if it is not enabled yet. Funamo, once protection is turned on, will block the Settings page of Youtube app so the user cannot change this settings. The filtering is done by Youtube/Google.

Well I have Funamo protection turned on and youtube's settings are NOT protected in the app.

written 19 months ago by Abel B  
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