My son's phone shows the last synced date to be 1 week ago but I have synced it everyday but not able to see text history. He is able to have access to apps after I update that though.

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Device history logging only works when Funamo is enabled. You can open Funamo app on your device and click Start Funamo to enable Funamo protection. Once it is enabled, you should see a dark blue F logo on the top of your device. If you pull it down, you should see Funamo protection is on.

If Funamo was enabled and running properly, could you please try the following and let me know the result?

1. Open Funmao app (not web) and login, click Device history in the list. Do you see records under different tabs? If you see records, it means that the history is logged locally.

2. Click back to Funamo main page, stop Funamo if it is enabled by clicking "Stop Funamo". Then go to Account settings, select Manually sync with server. Click Sync button on the next page and it should do a manual sync. Do you see any error messages?

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