Why is preferred encoding ascii in wingdb?

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I'm running Python3 in Wing Pro 6.0.4-1 on OS X, and I've noticed that locale.getpreferredencoding() returns 'US-ASCII' when run from within Wing (sys.executable == '/Applications/WingIDE.app/Contents/Resources/wingdb'). When I run from within the terminal locale.getpreferredencoding() returns 'UTF-8', as I'd expect. 


Why is this? Is there a way to configure Wing to use UTF-8?


I discovered this because the click package complains when I try to execute a package that uses it in wing. 

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On OS X Wing picks up a different env configuration when started from the Finder than if you start it from the command line, which you can do by using /Applications/WingIDE.app/Contents/Resources/wing (optionally with --new option to start a 2nd+ instance).

That said, I think with the click package the best approach is just to define LC_ALL=en_US.utf-8 (or whichever value you want) in your Environment in Project Properties, from the Project menu.  That way it's explicit and works regardless of which environment Wing inherits.

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