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A few months ago we were on a party and i left my phone on the table. So when i Came back i saw that someone has installed funamo on my phone and i recieved a code by message. Ik think that a friend is controlling me .so my question is how can i know who is checking my message history and calls on my phone?

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Wow, that's quite a story. If you open Funamo app and tap on the email field, it will show you the email used by whoever setup Funamo on your device.

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Yes, i tried to click on the e-mail button but you cant see any e-mailadress of someone it is just white and you have to login.


Funamo always show the email if Funamo is setup correctly. When you open Funamo, do you see "Sign up" on the page? If so, it means that Funamo was installed but it has not been setup yet. Therefore, it is not controlling or monitoring your device at all.

written 21 months ago by Funamo Support 
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