Unclear License Problem with WingIDE PERSONAL

6 months ago by
Why I have to buy a valid license when I use WingIDE Personal Version (It's supposed to be FREE)

Community: Wing Python IDE

1 Answer

6 months ago by
Wing Personal 6 is free.  You have Wing Personal 5, which was not free.  Just use version 6 instead.  Or if for some reason you need to use version 5, please email support@wingware.com.
I can only use 32-bit version (32-bit Windows 7 PC, 32-bit Kali VM)
written 6 months ago by Tien Thanh Nguyen  
Wing 6 runs on 32-bit Windows.  But not 32-bit Linux.  Not sure if that matters... email us if not.
written 6 months ago by Wingware Support  
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