3D Ising model is computationally intractable

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I was not aware that the innocent-looking 3D Ising model,
\( H_{\text{Ising}} = -\frac{1}{2} \sum_{\langle i, j \rangle} J_{i,j} \, S_i^z \, S_j^z \) ,
with the distance-dependent coupling \( J_{i,j} \), has been proven to be computationally intractable!
See, e.g.,
Cipra, B. A. “The Ising model is NP-complete”. SIAM News, July 17, 2000.

It is amazing really, but very mysterious:
* How could we have so much complexity in such a “tiny” toy-Hamiltonian?
* How much “information” can be stored in an “Ising Cube”?
* The 3D Ising model is NP-complete: So just solve it and you be able to solve all other NP-hard problems!

#The Art of Mean-Field Theory
the 2D version is “complete”:
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