Client Availability/Reluctance to write detailed requirements

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Problem Statement:
Client has limited availability, at times he/she prefer to communicate using only emails. He/She is also reluctant in writing user stories or providing written detailed requirements.

How to solve this problem?
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1. I will highlight the importance of following Agile/Scrum & the benefit that we gain out of it.

2. Followed by that, I educate the client on using a tool which helps us managing/logging requirement by spending lesser time.

3. Based on the readiness shown by the client on the above try, i will keep assisting the client to keep this active to follow throughout.

4. If the client still shows the reluctant, I will suggest & check with client the possibility of hiring a scrum master cum shadow product owner from our end who can help us on
   > converting emails to stories in appropriate format & log to product backlog regularly
   > based on client's availability, SM/SPW schedules a call with him/her to evaluate & groom the product backlog.

5. After few weeks of development, we will share the reports, progress made by the team with client to make her understand the benefits in real time.
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