How to make Spyder compatible with Fenics

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I am running Fenics on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Fenics is running fine on its own and I can compile codes and everything. However, I want to have it on my Spyder. Right now when I run Spyder with ''sudo spyder'' and try to run the codes it says ''No module named fenics''. I have tried "from dolfin import *" and I get the same error for dolfin. Could you please help me fix this?
Community: FEniCS Project
Did you install fenics from the official ubuntu repositories (i.e. via apt-get)? Because for me it works just out of the box with spyder.

And just out of interest, why do you run spyder with sudo?
written 6 months ago by klunkean  
Oh. It worked. I had running on docker and that's why it was not recognizing spyder. Thank you so much.
written 6 months ago by Nima  
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