GenericVector.abs() returns NoneType

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The GenericVector() class provides some useful operations for vectors. I would like to use the abs() method but somehow it returns None.  The sum() method, however, seems to work fine.

I get the output


when I run the following minimal example:

from fenics import *

mesh = UnitSquareMesh(3,3)
fe = FiniteElement('Lagrange',mesh.ufl_cell(),1)
V = FunctionSpace(mesh, fe)

v = TestFunction(V)
f = Constant(5.0)

rhs = f*v*dx

b = assemble(rhs)

print b.abs()
print b.sum()

Is anyone able to reproduce this behaviour?

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1 Answer

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this is expected behavior: the abs() method on a GenericVector object replaces all entries of a vector by their absolute values, and returns you nothing (contrary to the sum(), min(), max(), etc. methods).
See the documentation
Of course... Seems I should've gotten a little more sleep last night.
Thanks for the quick reply!
written 8 months ago by klunkean  
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