Install fenics on a multi-user system

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Hello everybody,

is there a way to install fenics for a single user on a multi-user system without have the root access?
For many reason I can't use anaconda.

Thank you very much for the help

Best Regards,
M Pesarin

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The most straightforward way is to build FEniCS from source. That is pretty straightforward for all Python components of FEniCS because almost all dependencies which are not installed on the system can pulled by Pip into your user site. Tricky part is to build DOLFIN and difficulty depends what features you request. For example if you need parallel linear algebra backend then you will have to build PETSc from source unless there is a compatible version on your system already. See,

The good approach is to follow the procedure in FEniCS Docker recipes. Specifically dev-env image contains all dependencies of FEniCS. See

Another approach is to use some containerized solution compatible with Docker, if your system supports it. For example or (Here you find hints how to use Singularity with FEniCS Docker images
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