How to use this forum?

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This CompuCell3D forum should only be used for following purposes-
  1. Asking solution for an issue 
  2. Suggesting or discussing a new feature 
1. Asking solution for an issue 
If you came across an issue while building or running model with CompuCell3D feel free to ask for solution here.  Please write in detail about the problem. If relevant insert the code snippet in your question. Mention details about your environment e.g. operating system, version, CompuCell3D version etc. Share error log if available. In case you came across any UI issue take a screenshot and insert it in your question.

2. Suggesting or discussing a new feature
We will be very happy to hear about how we can make CompuCell3D better. You have any idea or feature in your mind that will make CompuCell3D more useful, let us know. Please mention the feature in detail and specify how that would be useful for you and others. 
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