Can wing ide provide a pandas DataFrame viewer?

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It would be much more convenient if wing ide can provide a dataframe viewer. As far as I know, spyder can do this.
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This is coming in Wing 7, which should be out in prerelease form in about a week.  If you try it, please send us feedback on what we can improve.  Thanks!
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Great! I'm looking forward to it.
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Version 7.0.0 is great. "Show value as array" is just what I am looking for. A small problem I have encountered is that when I filtered rows in the table, it worked fine in the beginning. But as soon as I dragged the bottom bar to the right to check the rest of the table, it suddenly turned into "no matching rows". Is this a bug?

Another problem is that the fan of my notebook computer keeps roaring after I opened wing 7. It seems not as quiet as wing 6.
Yes, filtering issue sounds like a bug.  We'll try to replicate it. 

Wing 7 does way more work in source analysis so will consume a lot of CPU for a period proportional to the size of your code and the code it imports.  After that the results are cached and it should be more normal.  We'll try to optimize this more in future releases.
written 11 days ago by Wingware Support  
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