Hexen Illuminati Have No Viable Kill

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Currently hexen Illuminati don't have any reliable way to kill a target that has any form of curing. Even with great power expenditures it is only possible to briefly hit moderate insanity. I believe this is due to a couple reasons:

  • There appears to be a bug on badluck, even when someone is afflicted with 6 mental afflictions, badluck and is hit with revelations one focused tempinsanity sip will cure all insanity from both the revelations and the extra badluck insanity. This means that many balances of setup and power can be cured with a 1 second balance
  • Hexens previously had the ability to hinder curing through impatience (for focus mind) and anorexia (for pennyroyal and the other herbs that cured mental ailments). This is no longer the case. The only hindering left is jinx which only works as hindering in cases of extreme lag because it doesn't punish you for sending the same command 100 times

Basically we need a way to empower hexen illuminate without empowering astrology illuminati and tarot illuminati who I think are more or less fine.

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