probleme with the synchronise button

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I can see the history on the phone but non on the internet browser.

when I try to synchronise my device, a box appear with the following message :


This device has not registered for push service. (Kindle Fire, Nook HD or Android devices running Android 2.1 do not support push service)

I have a very recent smartphone with android 6.0

what do I need to change in order to fix that problem.

thanks in advance.


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It looks like there are two issues. One is that history is not being synced to our server. Please note that the device history sync only happens once each night (except for location data which is synced in real time). See this answer for details:

If the nightly sync is not happening for you, open Funamo app and login, stop Funamo if it is enabled by clicking "Stop Funamo". Then go to Account settings, select Manually sync with server. Click Sync button on the next page and it should do a manual sync. After that, you should see the history online. If it fails, it will show you the error message.

The second issue you have is registering for push service. It looks like you did not register for push service when you first setup the device. You can do it by going to Funamo app under Account settings. You should see an option to Register push service. After you have done that, you should be able to push a sync request from the web.

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