Does Funamo track what is accessed on a smart watch? My husband has Funamo on his phone for accountability and he wants the Samsung Gear 3 watch. Will everything he does on the watch be recorded by

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As far as we know, the Samsung Gear 3 has two modes - companion mode and standalone mode. In companion mode, the watch acts as a remote control for the phone that it paired with. In this mode, the operations are happening on the phone so Funamo would be able to record them. But when in standalone mode, the Gear 3 watch can be used without the phone. So Funamo would not be able to record the activities on the watch.

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Thank you for your response. One last question, do you know if what he did on stand alone mode once he was connected back to his phone it would all show on Funamo? For instance, say he sent a text on stand alone mode, once he was connected to his phone isn't that the only way the text would be able to go out and wouldn't Funamo then track that?


No, it won't. Gear in standalone mode acts just like another device. it is completely separate from the phone.

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