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Hi guys,

To calculate the velocity in an advection problem I first calculate pressure and then

vel = (-w**2/(12*mu))*grad(p)​

where w and mu are constants, If I solve the pure advection equation in the case of a constant velocity vector
  $\frac{\partial c}{\partial t}+u_i\frac{\partial c}{\partial x_i}=0$ct +uicxi =0  
where c is the concentration to solve and u is the velocity vector. After integration by parts to implement Neumann BC, the following code works
q = TestFunction(V)
c = TrialFunction(V)

F = (1/dt)*w*c*q*dx - (1/dt)*w*c_1*q*dx \
    -inner(c,inner(vel,grad(q)))*dx \

a, L = lhs(F),rhs(F)

c = Function(V)

t = 0.0

for n in range(num_steps):
    print('t = %.4f' % (t))
    t += dt​

But when I try to solve the case where the velocity changes with x
  $\frac{\partial c}{\partial t}+u_i\frac{\partial c}{\partial x_i}+c\frac{\partial u_i}{\partial x_i}=0$ct +uicxi +cuixi =0
the code below pops up the error "Can only integrate scalar expressions. The integrand is a tensor expression with value shape (2,) and free indices with labels ()." How could I improve the code? thank you very much for your comments

F = (1/dt)*w*c*q*dx - (1/dt)*w*c_1*q*dx \
    -inner(c,inner(vel,grad(q)))*dx \

#I also try

F = (1/dt)*w*c*q*dx - (1/dt)*w*c_1*q*dx \
    -inner(c,inner(vel,grad(q)))*dx \

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The second line of your first version

translates to a vectorial expression. Both terms contain derivatives of the whole vector w.r.t. one spatial variable yielding a vectorial expression, which does not represent the divergence you gave in your equation.

Similarly the second line of your second version contains the term grad(vel) which gives a second order tensor.

The divergence  $\frac{\partial u_i}{\partial x_i}$uixi   can be written as div(u) or as u[i].dx(i).

It works, Thank you very much for your quick answer!!!
written 4 months ago by Ruben Gonzalez  
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