Do you know if customers will get charged a late fee for being more than 24 hours late to signing their esig?

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Tim Hu  

The link is supposed to be good for 48 hours so they SHOULDN'T encounter any issues.  The problem is over 48 hours the agent will have to go back in, re-work & re-send which will change the eff date to current date. - MIA HILL TX UW
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So their is no penalty for being late to esign, other than having the effective date moved?

also can you check if you were notified by this reply?
I was only notified under messages. There is no penalty for late e-sign. They have 48 hours but again, Policy will need a new policy effective date
written 11 weeks ago by Tim Hu  
When does the 48hr time period start?
- Example: Policy binds on 5/23/18 at 6PMEST does the customer have until 6PMEST 5/25/18 to give the ESig?
- And if the link is expired, how would the agent edit a policy?
written 11 weeks ago by Jon DeAnda  
I would think it starts when the email is sent, but probably be a good question to confirm with SV.

if link expires agent would need to requote to get the link again,

Basically, within 48 hours as soon as possible, agent can use it until the link stops working. When the link expires, the link will not work anymore
written 11 weeks ago by Tim Hu  
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Tim Hu  
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