Sending very large files via email

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If I have a file that is too large for Outlook (or Exchange), or it's big and going to a large number of people, what alternatives to I have to:

1) minimize the impact on the network and
2) avoid unnecessarily filling up the inboxes of half the company
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You can request access to Sharefile through the request portal on service now. It allows you to share a link for people to use to download files. It also allows for sharing of folders/files for people to access at any time.

Here is the link to the site

Do I need special permissions to use this service?  I am not able to successfully log into the site. I keep getting a 404 Page Not Found error

written 3 months ago by Brandon Hibbard  
Yes you have to request it through the service now site to gain access. Here is the correct link as I put the old link.
written 3 months ago by Lance Sands  
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