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What are the different stock types in JDE and their meanings?

How to stock types in JDE relate to DCS?
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JDE Stocking types provide direction on the manufacturing of items where DCS release codes provide direction on the selling of items.

The two codes should generally be in sync but there may be times when they are out of sync for good reason. For example, the decision may be made to stop manufacturing an item (stocking type O, Obsolete in JDE) but we want to continue to sell the products that have already been produced (release code D6, Sell to deplete in DCS).

Below are the current Stocking Types in JDE.
Code Description
1 Maintenance
2 Development Item
3 Research Item
9 Special Handling = 'O'
A Kit Assembly
B Bulk Floor Stock
C Configured Item
D Purchased component
E Emergency/Corrective Maint.
F Feature
G Packaging Supplies
H Vendor supplied component
L Literature
M Mfg. Assembly or Sub-Assembly
N Non-Stock Item
O Obsolete
P Purchased  Raw Material or Sub
Q Purchased Finished Good
R Process
S Stock End-Item
T Tool
U Obsolete - Use Up
V Labor
W Machine
X Outside Processing
Y Support Item
Z Custom Product
Per Diane Elkins these are the FG types:

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It is the stocking type that determines if a finished good item goes from JDE to DCS.  Stocking types A, K, L, O, Q, S, U, and Z are eligible for item creation in DCS.

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