Can fenics be used for crash simulation?

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I'm new to fenics, though used commercial fem softwares. I wanted to know if fenics provides capability to simulate events like car crash where we have dynamic forces acting on a moving structure resulting in extreme material deformation.
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I'd say no. None has implemented robust contacts. Not to mention self-contacts.
written 5 months ago by Marco Morandini  
Thanks.  Is it because of any in-built limitation of fenics or because of scale of work required?
written 5 months ago by Dancing Neutron  
I _think_ the latter.
written 5 months ago by Marco Morandini  
It's the scale of work. I've put a few months of effort into scalable small strain contact mechanics. I hope to develop a more robust framework in the future using dolfin-x.
written 5 months ago by Nate  
What is dolfin-x? I found the bitbucket repo but there's no info at all.
written 5 months ago by klunkean  

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If you can write down a corresponding weak form, then you can. Be aware though, that it is everything but straightforward to implement an implicit solid mechanics routine as known from commercial codes. But since dynamic simulations are mostly done in an explicit fashion, you should be able to come up with a solution in FEniCS.

There is no notion of forces, structures, stresses and other solid mechanics terms in FEniCS. You have to derive your weak form and care about time integration yourself.
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