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Where can I find a list of all functions with a description of what they do exactly? For example, FacetFunction(), genrate_mesh(),.....

Here I don't seem to find anything useful a part from examples.

Thanks a lot.
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In terminal, you can do
import fenics

and then

Thanks for your answer.

I use fenics in a docker environment, i.e. to run codes I have to open docker and then type "fenicsproject run".

If I then try to type "import fenics", I get the following error: "bash: import: command not found"

written 8 months ago by caterinabig  
Try to run python in Docker, i.e., fenicsproject run python, then you should be able to import fenics within the running python instance.
written 8 months ago by Adam Janecka  
Thanks :)

Also, I was interested in the documentation of generate_mesh, for which I imported mshr. However, the help is empty. Do you know what it does exactly? I use it in the following way:

xlim, ylim = 1., 1.
size = 60
domain = Rectangle(Point(0., 0.), Point(xlim, ylim))
mesh = generate_mesh(domain,size)​
But when looking at the mesh, I see that each side is not divided in 60 points, rather 65. Any idea?

Thanks a lot
written 8 months ago by caterinabig  
The resolution in generate_mesh(geometry, resolution) is not exactly the number of cells / divisions. It is just somehow related to the cell size approximately given by the diameter of the domain divided by the resolution, see

In your example, the cell size would be then \(\sqrt{2}/60\) which can be checked by setting set_log_level(TRACE).
written 8 months ago by Adam Janecka  
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