How to sum over basis functions

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I am currently trying to implement 2D electromagnetic scattering from an infinite metallic cylinder (such as in Section 9.2.3 of Jianming Jin's book).  On the surface of the metallic cylinder,  


where   $E^{scattered}$Escattered   is what I am solving for and   $E^{in}$Ein   in my known source term.  This results in a right-hand side expression of:

     $b_i=\sum_j^{ND}E_j^{in}\int_{\Omega}\nabla u_i\cdot\nabla v_j^D-k^2_0u_i\cdot v_j^Dd\Omega$bi=jNDEjinΩui·vjDk20ui·vjDdΩ    

Where ND is the number of basis functions on the surface of the cylinder, and  $u_i$ui are my testing functions, and  $v_j^D$vjD are my basis functions on the surface of the metallic cylinder. 

My question is this: is it possible to implement a sum over basis functions such as in the equation above?  


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