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Its posible to include some function declarations or type from other file in Code World haskell?
I tried with import module from other file but haskell didnt see them.
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Sorry, but it's not currently possible to create and import your own libraries in CodeWorld.  The system assume that each project is independent of other projects.  Importing other CodeWorld projects is a bigger job, and is being tracked at  To date, no work has been done on this.

In, there are a few third-party libraries available, though, and you can import modules from those.  The only three that are currently guaranteed are base, codeworld-api, and QuickCheck.  But in practice, you can also use aeson, array, attoparsec, bytestring, containers, ghcjs-base, ghcjs-dom, mtl, parsec, random, stm, text, time, transformers, unordered-containers, and vector, among others.  If you need more third-party libraries, feel free to request them at  
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