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Scenario: My client writes the user stories on the high level. At times there are no acceptance criteria given as well. It takes a lot of time and discussion for the clarification of the requirements from the team.

How can I fix this problem, without being rude or pushing the client too much?
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It is client and team's responsibility to make sure the requirements are clear before they start. If the team does not understand the requirement they have to engage the client to help them understand. Or atleast SM/PM/TL should coordinate with customer for better understanding.

Assumption always create huge rework / misleading the project from the goal.

Option 1: SM/PM/TL should educate client to understand on writing Acceptance Criteria. If not Manager should take control of it do the needful for the team.

Option 2: Get on a call with client and ask him to explain, record the call and write the AC accordingly.  Confirm via MoM.

According to Scrum, Scrum Team is self management and cross functional. so, SM can educate or guide the client to write the proper acceptance criteria. So, it gives better results as a incremental product.
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- We can have a talk with the client to understand the reason for not providing all required details like acceptance criteria etc.
It may be that client is too busy with other things and so not getting enough time to write it all.
- We can further get in discussion with the client and stress importance of having acceptance criteria and all required details which can benefit by reduced re-work, efficiency of the team and deliverables.
- It still client is not willing to do it, Manager can act as a shadow product owner and get requirements from client and add those on tool.
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