Impose displacement on a point at the free end of a cantilever beam

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I would like to impose displacement of a point at the free end of a cantilever beam.

See boundary condition bc2 in attached example.

If I constrain the face, it works.

If I constrain a point, I have no effect.

Context: I use docker distribution on a Jupyter notebook.

Q: what's wrong in following example?

File attached: questionBConapoint.ipynb (47.81 KB)

Community: FEniCS Project

2 Answers

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Just drop the on_boundary in your pointwise definition.

From the docs:
Note: when using “pointwise”, the boolean argument on_boundary in SubDomain::inside will always be false.

Points near(x[0], length) and near(x[1], 0.) are on your boundary.
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Thank you very much,

here is the corrected working version:
File attached: questionBConapointCorrected.ipynb (3.43 KB)

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