Wondering why phone is not syncing when manually requesting it. Help, please.

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Please provide more details. It is very difficult to tell what the problem might be based on the description. Please provide detailed steps and any error message that you may get.

written 16 months ago by Funamo Support  

 When I try to manually sync at night with the synchronize button and I'm sitting 10 feet away from my son, it's still will not synchronize sometimes. 

written 15 months ago by Shannon Harrell  

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15 months ago by

First please make sure Funamo is enabled. If Funamo is enabled and running properly, could you please try the following and let me know the result?

1. Open Funmao app (not web) and login, click Device history in the list. Do you see records under different tabs? If you see records, it means that the history is logged locally.

2. Click back to Funamo main page, stop Funamo if it is enabled by clicking "Stop Funamo". Then go to Account settings, select Manually sync with server. Click Sync button on the next page and it should do a manual sync. Do you see any error messages?

 There is no error message. The problem seems to be when we are in the same room, the phone will not sync with the server when I try to manually do it. If he is not at home, then it syncs just fine manually. 

written 15 months ago by Shannon Harrell  
15 months ago by

Do you have a firewall installed?

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