is there a way to remotely turn off funamo?

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Hi DB,


not that I know of, but I'm just another user.


You can use the "Application control options" and others, through the Funamo website, to achieve the same end. In most cases you don't lose detailed settings in the process. So, if you use a daily time allowance, set the time allowed to a high value (and retain the selection of apps with limits). If you use Protect Apps, uncheck that single checkbox, etc.



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AJ is correct. You can only turn on/off protection on the device. But you can change settings online and sync the changes back to the device if the device is powered on and connected to the internet.

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Thanks Funamo, for the confirmation. Really like your product as a good blend of child responsibility and protection with many options for app control.

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Thanks AJ, I am a parent and I found myself between a rock and a hard spot when one of my kids traveled out of country for a brief time, something we haven't done much. Your solution was helpful.


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I certainly hope there isn't one.

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The techy way ... if your device is not setup correctly, you can. in case adb is switched on, there is a way to connect to adb via WIFI. And via adb you can kill processes. But - as I stated initially, it requires an adb daemon running on the adnroid device, which is strongly NOT recommended, if you run funamo.

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