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I needed to reset my password because I forgot my old one and could not get onto my daughters tablet to make changes, which is the device I'm using it on.  I had the password automatically saved on my smart phone, so I logged into Funamo that way, reset the password and created a new one.  I then clicked synchronize to push the new password to my daughter's tablet but I still can not log on.  How do I have the device recognize the password change?  I don't see an option to enable "Changed email or password online".  I guess I'm running an older version but I can't update it because the Google Play store is also disabled by Funamo.  I did confirm that both devices are connected to the internet.  Please help!

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Is your tablet connected to the internet? If so, it will try to authenticate you using the same password that you changed online. The latest version of Funamo actually does not have the option of "Changed email or password online" which was for older version. The new version always tries to contact our server to authenticate you if the device is connected to the internet. I would suggest that you first try to login to Funamo website using the exactly same email and password (do not use the autofill just to make sure that you can login online using the email and password that you think you have). If you can login online, you should be able to login on the device (if the device is connected to the internet) because it uses the same database as funamo website. Please double check the spelling of the email and password.

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