How do I give an existing user the MANAGE_ALL_BOOKINGS permission or revoke it?

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Log in to AWS (for the appropriate account, eg DEV).
Select "DynamoDB" (under "Services" at the top, if its not on your shortcuts) and then "Tables" on the left.

Find the 'travel.user" table and select "Query".

Find the user required:-

either enter their user/profile-id and hit "Start search"

or from the big drop-down list select

[Index] emailAddress_idx: emailAddress

Click on the item id to open the user.

Switch from "Tree" to "Text" view and find the userTeams section at the end

"userTeams": [

identify the map item with the correct team-id and update the permissions 

such as 

"permissions": [

Note that the "PERSONAL" userTeam should never have any permissions assigned to it.

Click "Save"

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