The parental controls I set up are applied to my account and not my son's as intended. How do I fix this?

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 You can uninstall Funamo (there is an Uninstall Funamo option inside Funamo app. Please use it to uninstall it) from your account and install Funamo again in your son's account. Then set it up there. Please see the following answer for more details:


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Yes, that worked.  Thank you.

Being new to both Android and Funamo, it was counter intuitive to load parental control software on a child's account but having seen how it works, it makes sense now.

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It is not clear from your post which account you are referring, Funamo account or Google account. If you installed Funamo on the wrong device, you can simply uninstall it from your device and install it on your son's device. Then set it up again. 

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Thank you for your follow up.  I am new to Android but just bought a new tablet (not phone) for my son.  It's a generic (Insignia) tablet running the Marshmallow OS.  When I initialized the device I used my Google account.  I then added a restricted account for my son.  I then downloaded Funamo and set up the controls I wanted.

The problem is that when I log in to the device with my account, all the restrictions apply but when I switch to my son's account he has full access.

When I go the Funamo website, it lists the device but not specific accounts.  Not sure what I did backwards.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts or suggestions you have.

written 8 months ago by Michael Schuster  
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