Why is funamo so random about when it uploads history?

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I wish there were quicker, more consistant ways to check history. First of all you can only get the history updates every night, and even then it's random. Some days I can get the day's history as soon as 5pm. Others, like today, it's already 9 :30pm and it still shows no history for today. It just seems lazy and unprofessional of them. Yes, I push the sync button each time. I do it daily so it should not take this long...

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This is by design. The nightly sync happens between midnight and 5am. Funamo tries to pick the best time to upload history when the device is idle to minimize the impact on normal use so it may seem random. If the sync did not happen, there could be many reasons. For example, the device was turned off, it is not connected to the internet, etc. Funamo will retry the sync when the device is connected to the internet again.

written 12 months ago by Funamo Support  
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