Community Guidelines

We expect each member to conduct themselves with integrity, decency, and respect, and your use of our service is subject to the Terms of Use.

  • Be courteous and a good citizen of the community
  • Keep your questions and answers clear and succinct
  • Tag your questions with the right topic so the community can be notified
  • Remember to accept the correct answer to show your appreciation
  • Up-vote great questions and answers, and down-vote for bad ones
  • Use comments instead of answers for clarification purposes
  • If you see abuse or violation, report it
  • Zero tolerance policy for hate speech, sexually explicit content and any violation of the law.

Reputation system

  • Good questions and answers get upvoted which increases your reputation.
  • Bad questions and answers get downvoted which decreases your reputation.
  • When a user reputation falls below -50, the account will be suspended.
  • Any abuse or violation of policy will lead to account suspension.