Team vs. Public Space

Create a secure private space for your team using AllAnswered Team Edition. Get started today! Communities in public space are always Free.


Manage your team knowledge by communities for projects, groups, topics or common interests.

3 Community Types

AllAnswered supports three community types: open, closed and private. See which one is right for you.

5 Micro-Document Types

Capture team knowledge through Q&As, blogs, articles, ideas, polls & more

Post Type Permissions

Community moderators can set permission for each post type - disable, moderator only or all members.

Post Revisions and Roll Back

All posts are version controlled and community moderators can roll back to any specific version if needed.

Configurable Notifications

Users get notifications for all new posts from their communities and updates from posts they follow. Notification options (email/local) are configurable.

Slack Integration

Using Slack for your team? Map communities to Slack channels and see posts from your team without leaving Slack. (detail)

Community Moderators

Community moderators can edit, close and delete any posts in the community.

Pin Posts

Community moderators can pin specific posts to the top of the list as featured posts.

Email Invitation

Invite others to join your team or public community. Got a long list? Simply copy and paste in a list of comma-separated email addresses.

Mobile Optimized

Responsive design that scales with screen size. Optimized for mobile devices from smartphones to tablets.

Social Logins

Support user sign up and login with Facebook, Google, Github, Twitter, Yahoo and Windows.

Easy Sharing

Share your communities and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or by emails (disabled for teams for security reasons).

Easy Math Equation

Built-in graphic math equation editor for easy math input. Also support LaTeX/TeX/MathML/AsciiMath. (detail).

Code Samples

Beautifully formatted code samples with syntax highlights for most widely used programming languages.

Image, Video

Add images and videos to your posts from links or uploaded local files.

File Attachments

Attach files anywhere in your posts without losing the context.

Team Dashboard

View your top team users, communities, posts and post trend over time.

Weekly Digest

Team users get weekly digest emails to keep engaged with their colleagues.