Team vs. Public Space

Create a secure private space for your team. We offer both Free and Pro Plan. Get started today! Communities in public space are always Free.


Manage your team knowledge by communities for projects, groups, topics or common interests.

3 Community Types

AllAnswered supports three community types: open, closed and private. See which one is right for you.

Question and Answer

Community members can ask questions, provide answers, vote and accept the right answers.

Article, Blog, Note

Share your knowledge and learning with the community and build an online knowledge base.

Idea, Proposal, Request

Have an idea for the community? Share it and see how others think about it.

Poll, Survey

Easily create a poll to gather feedback from community members. Poll results are shown in a bar chart.

Announcement, News

Community admins can create an announcement which will be shown on the top the next time user logs in.

Post Type Permissions

Community admins can set permission for each post type - disable, moderator only and all members.

Email/Slack Notifications

Community members get notified for all new posts. They can also follow specific posts.

Community Moderators

Community moderators can edit, close and delete any posts in the community.

Pin Posts

Community admins can pin specific posts to the top to feature them to community members.

Email Invitation

Invite team members and community users. Got a big team? Import your contacts from a CSV file.

Mobile Optimized

Responsive design that scales with screen size. Optimized for mobile devices from smartphones to tablets.

Social Logins

Support user sign up and login with Facebook, Google, Github, Twitter, Yahoo and Windows.

Easy Sharing

Share your communities and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or by emails (disable for team due to security).

Easy Math Equation

Built-in graphic math equation editor for easy math input. Also support LaTeX/TeX/MathML/AsciiMath. See how.

Code Samples

Support code samples with syntax highlight.

Image, Video

Add images to your posts from a link or from a local file. Add Youtube videos simply using the Youtube link.

File Attachments

Attach files anywhere in your posts without loosing the context.